Ercan Celik

Builds Industrial Plants

  • Process Piping Works
  • Industrial Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Equipment Systems
  • Steel Construction Works
  • Construction works
  • Engineering and Design


Ercan Celik Makine Montaj İnsaat Turizm Taahhüt Ticaret Limited Sirketi which had been founded in 1999 is a commitment firm givin service for industrial facility institutions and sub-disciplines of this. It has reached its today’s position by delivering all of the Works it had undertaken in intended quality and on time.


Ercan Çelik is a company which cares qualified personnel deployment, follows new projects with its expert staff and large references, provides addeed value to the economy of all whereabout countries, has knowledge and experience to give technical support and serve in executed projects without exception big or small, always prioritizes customer satisfaction and takes its Professional identitiy a step forward by developing itself institutionally.

Ercan Celik Kurumsal Görseli